Ottawa Realtor Recommends Automated Lighting for Your Home

Automated lighting is an excellent investment for your home and provides many benefits, according to Ottawa Realtor Ritchie Gunn. Since automated lighting can be installed on its own or as part of a complete SMART home system, it is a simple addition to make and will provide many returns. Automated lighting increases the ambiance of your home, helps improve security and better yet, helps reduce your hydro bills.

Automated Lighting for Ambiance

With a wide variety of lighting options available and versatility in LED lighting technology, lighting can be used to create the perfect ambiance for every space inside and outside of your home. Due to the automation, you are able to program your favourite settings so your bright and sunny family room can be become the perfectly-dimmed space to enjoy a movie. Your Ottawa Realtor enjoys a feature that allows you to press a button on your phone or remote and have your backyard lit up in colour when entertaining guests. From bright task lighting when you are working in your kitchen to subdued lighting for dining, automated lighting creates the perfect ambiance.

Improved Security

While on its own automated lighting is not a full security system, it does help contribute to your home’s security. You can control your lighting from anywhere that you have access to a wireless connection, so you if are away longer than anticipated, you simply turn on some lights in your home from your phone or mobile device so your house does not appear empty. If you are away on holiday, your lights can be programmed to come on in various parts of the house after dark so would-be thieves believe someone is home.

Reduce Hydro Costs

Your Ottawa Realtor enjoys helping you save money and contributing to a greener environment. With automated lighting systems such as the ones available at Tektam Integrations Inc, you can program your lighting to come on only when it is required and with dimmer switches, reduce the amount of power consumed when lighting your home. There are also innovations in LED lighting that can make a significant difference on the cost to light up the interior and exterior, so you are not sacrificing quality light for lower costs.

If you are looking to sell your home or increase its value, Ottawa Realtor Ritchie Gunn can help you determine if automated lighting is right for you. Contact Ritchie Gunn today.