Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips By Ottawa Realtor Ritchie Gunn

The weather is warming up and no doubt as you spend more time outside you will notice that there are things that need your attention. Ottawa Realtor Ritchie Gunn has assembled an outdoor spring-cleaning list to help get you started. You’ll find your outdoor space will look better and many of these tips will help to increase your home’s value as well. A double benefit to getting things done!

Gutters and Downspouts

Water can cause a lot of damage to your home, so start your outdoor clean-up by cleaning out any debris from your gutters. Be sure your downspouts are also clear and properly attached so the water is directed away from your foundation. For maximum protection, the downspouts should extend between three and five feet from your house.

Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors can get pretty messy over the winter, so clean them up nicely. Don’t forget to scrub the casings and clean up the screens. If you have storm windows, now is a good time to take them down and put up your screens. Be sure to repair any screens now so you’ll be ready for the mosquitoes. Your Ottawa Carleton Realtor also recommends stripping any old caulking and resealing to save on summer cooling bills.

Lawn and Garden

Give your lawn a good raking and fill any holes with topsoil. Seed any areas that need it and apply fertilizer to kick start its growth. Consider turning up some new topsoil and planting some food items in beds or planters and plant your seasonal blooms.

Break out the Pressure Washer

Pressure wash any outdoor surfaces that can take it, such as your siding, decking and fencing. Don’t forget to clean up your furniture as well and touch up any areas that need paint. Once everything has dried, evaluate their condition and if necessary, strip, sand and paint or stain any surfaces that need it. Staying on top of these jobs can extend their lifetime considerably.

Enjoy your Efforts

Your Ottawa Realtor Ritchie Gunn insists that once you complete all that heavy-duty work, you leave a bit of energy to clean up the BBQ and grill up a burger or steak to enjoy with your summer drink of choice. Cheers and have an awesome summer!

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