Preparing your Home for Sale in The Ottawa Housing Market

In order to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, you have to make sure it is presented in its best light to attract potential buyers. One way to do this effectively is to stage your home. As your Realtor, I wanted to share some helpful tips for preparing your home for sale in the Ottawa housing market.

Stage your Home Before Listing it on the Ottawa Housing Market

While many people have heard of staging, they do not necessarily know what it entails or when it should be done. My response is always that you should stage your home before it is listed. If you have your home looking its best and decorated neutrally before the photos or videos are taken, people will begin to visualize themselves living there before they actually see the house in person. The wider the appeal, the more prospective buyers you will have looking at your home.

Timelines and Costs for Home Staging

Just as no two homes are alike, the timelines and costs involved cannot be determined without knowing your specific needs. If your home needs considerable work, you will require more time and money to get it looking its best. As your Ottawa Realtor, I can help you determine what improvements will provide you the best returns on your investment. Generally speaking, your home should be clutter-free, in good repair with no unfinished areas and painted in neutral tones that allow prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there without having to do much work.

Your Best Shot at a Fast and Profitable Sale

Staging your home will not guarantee a quick and profitable sale, but with the Ottawa housing market as competitive as it is, it will give you your best shot at success. If you are planning to list your home and would like help to determine what you need to do before listing, give me a call. I can provide you with expert real estate advice and helpful checklists so together, we can maximize your success with the Ottawa housing market.