The Ottawa Housing Market

Ottawa Housing Market


The Ottawa housing market is one of the most stable country-wide. A reliable job market and the highest average income of any other Canadian city has led to a five percent increase in the real estate market yearly since 1956. In fact, dating back to 1956, the average home price was $13,351 and in 2014 that had risen to $361,707.

The Gunn Team are more than your typical real estate agents. We understand that even in a stable market, there are unique situations and individual needs that need to be met. We are here to help in any way we can so we offer a diverse group of services:

For more than nine years, The Gunn Team has been helping our clients navigate the Ottawa housing market. Whether it be helping people make an easy transition during relocation, renting a great place, helping the first-time buyer with a one-bedroom condo purchase, right up to finding the right luxury home for affluent buyers, we have been right there when we are needed with the information that is required.

When you use any of our services, you can be sure our client first philosophy will always apply, no matter the size and scope of your needs. Contact The Gunn Team today and let’s get you moving!