Homes for Sale, South OttawaOttawa’s south end is another highly diverse area that ranges from prestigious neighbourhoods to communities that are ideally suited to first-time homebuyers and to rural properties for those who want to be outside of the city. Many areas of South Ottawa were formerly agricultural properties, including some that were small farms with limited housing. Today’s version of the area includes far more green space than one would expect in the suburbs of such a large city, while offering plenty of housing options and amenities.


Despite being mainly residential, South Ottawa contains many amenities that appeal to people looking to settle in Ottawa. The area known as Alta Vista, which contains many smaller suburbs is at a higher elevation than most other areas of the city. In this area you will find extensive healthcare facilities including the General and Riverside annexes of Ottawa Hospital, Pearly and Rideau Veteran’s Healthcare Center and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. In the area of South Keys, you will find one of the most popular shopping centers; the South Keys Shopping Centre.



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